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Whittens Height has been conceived, designed and delivered by an innovative and award winning team who are driven by a unique vision and attention to detail.


Truesource is an experienced development consultancy group. Our work with development syndicates encompasses acquisition, town planning, architecture, marketing strategies, funding procurement and construction project management. Our in-house architects and project managers collectively provide a strong framework of design and construction insights to each venture. Our mission is to place quality developments in prime city fringe locations with unique and upmarket aesthetics . What sets us apart is not only the design vision but rather our ability to manage every step of the delivery process with excellence. Truesource board of management consists of a group of directors who hold: Building Design Registration, Commercial Unlimited Builder licence, Domestic Unlimited Builder licence and registered Taxation Agent licence. Our team’s multi-facets experi ence provides invaluable inputs which facilitate high yield, quality design and quality build outcome.

John Patrick is a renowned landscapes designer who has built an enviable reputation for creating timeless and intelligent gardens that are entirely sustainable, original and functional. The centre of everything at John Patrick is design. We place the highest importance on providing our projects with landscapes which are functional, innovative and beautiful.

Urbis is an interdisciplinary, consulting firm offering services in planning, design, property, social planning, economics and research. Urbis provides the social research, analysis and advice upon which major social, commercial and environmental decisions upon which major social, commercial and environmental decisions are made. It is our unique mix of services that provides us with the property market insight that gives our partners' developments a competitive advantage.

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